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About us

We are the first online store in Costa Rica dedicated to the distribution of natural stone jewelry, Feng Shui items and all the beauty of Asia aimed at attracting prosperity, love, health and balance.


By the mode of electronic commerce, transcending geographical boundaries of a physical store and be a comfortable choice, efficient and safe for the choice of jewelry, ornaments and exotic gifts imported from Hong Kong, China, India and Thailand. All this within the highest standards of quality in terms of manufacturing and customer service.


Position ourselves as the best and most complete online business within the genre of Asian gifts, always in tune with modern standards and trends of e-commerce.


-Security, confidentiality and integrity

-Excellence in customer service

- Disclaimer and punctuality

-Environmental Awareness

Our commitment to the environment

In keeping with the spirit of our products, promotes, supports and implements the practices of recycling and conservation of resources and materials according to help reduce environmental pollution. For that reason and as far as we can, we try to use the minimum packaging materials and try them to be recycled. We have also chosen to easily reusable gift packaging and cloth bags.

History is a division of Center for Chinese goods, retail distribution business with over 40 years of existence in San Jose center and two branches in Central Avenue.

It was in 1966 that Don Daniel Lee Tong, a law graduate originally from Shanghai, opens a small shop in what were the grounds of the Family Gurdián on Avenida 1. Having been a diplomat and after many trips to Latin America, this visionary man decides to settle in Costa Rica to live and work. With an excellent command of Spanish and English and his innate business ability, conceived the idea of founding in the heart of San José, a store specializing in oriental items, mostly from China, to bring Costa Rican community with the exquisite craftsmanship and ancient traditions of Chinese culture.

Since then, the Center for Chinese goods has been a pioneer in providing its customers with the widest assortment of gemstones, jade, incense, essences, Buddhas, elephants, china, fans and healthy teas. It is thanks to the preference of our friendly groups, to the success of our participation in fairs in different malls and the desire to effectively reach those who do not frequent the downtown San Jose, that the legacy of Don Daniel continues grow through., online store, offers not only our physical store exclusives, news center, but sustains its sales on the Web with the backing of his decades of experience and proven reliability.


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